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        There are circumstances in life that lead us to believe that we are not beautiful or worthy--not enough. Our lives are inundated with images on social media and a society that tends to influence our thoughts to what we are supposed to look like or how to act because it's what society embraces.  I am here to tell you God did NOT create you to be like someone else.  Your identity cannot be found in what is popular at the time or another person, but in God.  He created you to be you, and no one else.  The same God that created the stars that brighten our skies every night, and the artist of the beautiful sunsets, made YOU! Comparing yourself to others will only steal joy that God has placed in your heart to live a full life. No matter what you have gone through, what has been done to you, what you've been told, You are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.  My hope through Designed by Him for Him is to inspire you to be who God created you to be. God loves you as you are and where you are at now. 

                                                You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

                                                                                                          Song of Songs 4:7



God Sees You and Wants a Relationship With You




Full satisfaction, joy, purpose, is in our Savior. We were chosen before we could ever chose Him. Have you felt lost, forsaken, misunderstood? Let me tell you. Jesus can FILL your life. Situations change, people come and go, but Jesus holds your hand through all of it. There are no works you need to do to earn His love. He wants you as you are, and He chose you. There is nothing you need to prove. God has you in your arms and is so incredibly stonished by you; He wants a relationship with you.

Although I was raised in a Christian home, I struggled with my identity for a very long time. I felt isolated and discouraged. I compared myself to other girls that had a smaller frame, were outgoing, and popular. I struggled to fit in. On top of battling with my identity, I have always suffered from anxiety. At times, my anxiety got so bad, it was debilitating. Trying to be someone I wasn't designed to be or play a part that simply isn't me is like trying to put a puzzle together with a piece that doesn't belong.


Everything changed for me when I redirected my life to Jesus and completely surrendered to Him last summer. I recommitted my life to Him through Baptism and a transformation began in me like I never experienced before. I want to be transparent and tell you it hasn't been all uphill since then. I still struggle, but I lean on my faith to get me through tough days. God has never left my side, even before I rededicated my life to Him, He was by my side. The difference is, what I place my worth in. I no longer place my worth or my fears on earthly things--I place my worth on God and lay my fears at the feet of Jesus. I have completely surrendered to His will and what He created me to be. 


 I am hopeful that in sharing my journey you too can experience the beautiful life that awaits you in letting go.  I have always had a passion to help others and to spread God's word. He has placed a joy in my heart that is beyond words and I want you to experience it too. Whatever circumstance or dissapointment has made you feel unworthy, not good enough or just not beautiful; God wants to free you from those feelings holding you back to the person He has designed you to be. 








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